Radius Music Studio Mixing & Producing

Radius Music Studio | Mixing & Producing was established in 2017 by Robert Hicks as a compliment to his Composing work.


Initially intending to Mix & Produce his own work, Rob fell in love with the engineering and production process and decided to offer this service to everyone enabling a broader approach to all music genres.

For maximum quality, flexibility and efficiency, Radius Music Studio works exclusively In-The-Box using the highest quality software.

Radius is known for always finding a way to elevate your music production. Every single detail is considered, even if it's barely audible. Rob splits his time between his composing work and mixing/producing.

Please hit the contact button below if you'd like to enquire about Mixing and/or Producing your music. For references of Radius Music Studio's mixing, please click HERE and take a listen on the homepage.