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ZAOR Miza D-Stand Review

Mount your studio monitor speakers. The Zaor Miza D-Satnd is a great partner

Having already made a considerable upgrade in my music workstation desk, I was looking to compliment this with desktop speaker stands for my Yamaha HS series monitors. The workstation desk in question is the Zaor Miza M in Wenge/Grey. It’s a brilliantly designed and considered piece of furniture that compliments my ‘In The Box’ workflow perfectly. I was delighted to discover that Zaor also manufacture a range of speaker stands. The Miza D-Stand match the aesthetic of the desk and look great.

A striking combination of metal and wood, they are an interesting design in that you adjust the hight of the speaker platform by twisting the base providing millimetre accuracy. Extended fully, this brings the tweeter of the Yamaha HS’s to the ideal ear height. I have them angled inward slightly completing the triangle of my seating position to the speakers.

The stands themselves are well made and pretty heavy providing stability. Isolation seems to be achieved using pads at the top and bottom of the unit although there may also be some hidden trickery internally that I’m not aware of. At no point have I felt the rattle and buzz of the monitors resonating with the furniture keeping the performance of the monitors honest. Specification suggests the stands can take a 15kg weight which should cover almost all monitors out there that are around 20cm wide.

Priced at around £129 in the UK from retailers such as Gear4Music and Thomann, these stands are consistent with the design ethos of Zaor in providing great quality at reasonable prices. The D-Stand s represent a upgrade of my previous setup of isolating foam pads which were sat flat on the desktop. In using the D-Stands there is a subtle improved clarity in the audio I’m hearing which will be great when I come to mix. I could see in some circumstances that the height extension of the stands might not be quite enough as ideally you want the monitor tweeters to be around ear height. This might play it’s part if you have a desk that has a lower desktop position than others. In my case, it’s not an issue.

Speaker stands or isolation solutions are one of those necessary studio items that is hard to get excited about. They’re not particularly glamorous but in this case, Zaor have designed something that looks great and performs well. Money well spent.

It’s worth noting that Zaor have recently updated the Miza D Stand to a MKII version, it looks quite different and I’ll be very interested to see what people think of the update. Let me know.





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